Whole House Audio

Architecturally Sound 
 ´╗┐In a multi-room audio system from AcoustiCreations each listening zone is given special treatment in regards to speaker selection.  In-Ceiling speakers can be tucked away complimenting the design of any room.  In-Wall speakers can be used to provide great directional audio for 5.1 Surround zones that disappear into a living space. For the most discretionary audiophiles we even have invisible speakers that can hide behind drywall and still provide you with a great listening experience.

Taking the Party Outdoors
We know just how much Coastal Carolina provides a great venue for outdoor entertaining.  Envision yourself streaming your favorite song from your smartphone to your professionally installed outdoor speaker system.  Cookouts, pool parties, and oyster roasts by the fire will never be the same once you compliment them with amazing outdoor audio.

Your Music. Your Way.

With so many listening options available to us today it's important that we know how to implement whichever one you enjoy best.  We can integrate CD's, MP3's, LP's, and any streaming service known to man so you have access to them in your favorite listening space. Gone are the days of fumbling for scratched CD's, mixed tapes(You remember those), and iPod docks.  Say goodbye to unsightly keypads on your walls and access all of your music wirelessly.   You can have access to all of your music, in any room, from one easy application that works the same on every tablet, smartphone, and computer you own.  Your entire music library will always be at your fingertips.

Your business and home should be places that allow you to work effectively and relax thoroughly. With the right lighting and audio technologies, you can easily move from space to space in both home and business, using only the power you need. If you want to learn more about AcoustiCreations, call us today!

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