We work with your vision to create reality 

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From concept to creation, we take your idea, along

with our professional knowledge, to bring your vision to life with

custom design solutions. If you can imagine it, we can create it. Our

purpose is to make you look and sound your best! We are the bridge

where creativity meets technology. Broad vision. Careful thought.

Hand-crafted design. After all...Doing it right costs less than doing it




Every space is unique. That is why with Acoustic Creations we

take the time to understand your space and the requirements you are

looking for. We sell only top quality products to ensure successful

operation and longevity of your Audiovisual system. We are your

partner in creating the impact you desire.


Experienced professional installation. Quality, safety, and

reliability are top priority at Acoustic Creations. We are a team of

professional problem solvers. We deliver results that equal happy

clients. We pull together, we fix problems, and through that, we build




Superior service to keep your system running at peak

performance. At the end of the day, we have just one goal: Make our

customers happy! We want you to tell others about your experience

with us!

Yearly service contracts offer an annual checkup and tune up of your

system and offers discounted labor rates for service should your system

need our attention.


Hands on training and education of your staff, on your system.

Help your staff understand the how and why of your system. A trained

team will avoid mistakes and be less likely to damage your investment.

Overall, that means fewer service calls!


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