Residential Automation

Home Theater & Entertainment, Smart Lighting, Climate Control, Shade Control in an ALL-IN-ONE System.  An automated home knows that the exterior lights should come on every evening at dusk, knows to alert you via email when a water leak has been detected under your water heater, and knows to turn on all lights in the house and contact the local authorities at the first sense of a break-in.  Gain total control over the lighting, climate control, media & entertainment and appliances in your home. 


Outdoor entertainment

Coastal Carolina provides the perfect venue for relaxing and entertaining outdoors during all four seasons.  Whether you are relaxing by the pool or gathered around the fire you will never miss your favorite song or miss that big game you've been waiting for. 

Our outdoor solutions are designed so that you are able to control everything from your smartphone or tablet wirelessly!   We offer displays that are durable, weather resistant and will provide consistent results for years to come.  In addition, we also offer weather resistant on-wall speakers that look and sound great, as well as in-ceiling solutions for those screened in porches.



Gone are the days of fumbling for scratched CD's, mixed tapes(You remember those), and iPod docks.  Say goodbye to unsightly keypads on your walls and access all of your music wirelessly.   You can have access to all of your music, in any room, from one easy application that works the same on every tablet, smartphone, and computer you own.  Your entire music library will always be at your fingertips.  Cookouts, pool parties, and oyster roasts by the fire will never be the same once you compliment them with amazing outdoor audio. 


Professional Home Theater design

What makes a home theater an acceptable replacement for a trip to the local multiplex?  Our professional grade equipment, design, and installation come together to create an experience at home that just might make you say goodbye to paying $10 for a small popcorn at the theater! 

Each theater is designed to accommodate any room shape or size to the finest level of detail.  Our team of Audio-Video engineers will tailor a theater that is perfect for your space and preferences.  Speaker locations, seating placement, seating elevation, and acoustic treatments are all specified throughout the process.  In addition, we have proven experience in working with your architect, contractor, and interior designer to ensure efficient collaboration which results in an exquisite home theater.


LIghting Control

Control from inside or outside your home. Conveniently control and monitor your home's lights, shades, and temperature as you approach your home, from anywhere inside your home, or even while away. The system's two way-communication lets you know if lights are left on, shades are open, or what the temperature is even when you can't see the areas being controlled. 

We understand that design is equally as important as functionality and panelized lighting offers a significant advantage over traditional lighting solutions.  By implementing an intelligent lighting controller you gain the ability to completely eliminate light switches on your walls or condense multiples switches onto one elegant keypad.   The keypads can be engraved to suit any rooms needs and are attractively backlit.  There are many switch and plate combinations as well to compliment the design of any space.

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One of the best companies that I have worked with. We use AccoustiCreations for our coastal offices for data drops and other network needs. They remember how our setup is for each of our offices. They are professional and there work is clean. They make sure they clean up and then some after the job is done.

Ray Fontaine

Over the years and due to multiple moves I have had dealings with several home audio companies.  By far, not even close AcoustiCreations was the best company I have ever dealt with.  I am not a Technic or an Audiophile, so simplicity is a key attribute that I look for.  AcousitiCreations provided me with an integrated system, TV, a great remote, Sonos that even I can operate.  They are always available if you have a question.  I can't say enough good things about Chad and Steven.

Shelton Scott

Great staff and great products. We have used Acousticreations during the past 7 years for multiple projects and have always found them to be competitive, provide great service during and after installations. They are knowledgeable and the best in Southeastern N.C. at what they do and how they do it. We recommend them again and again.

Ronald Weinstein

From the get-go, they listened, understood my needs, and created multiple price point proposals to address my financial concerns. The result: eight separate audio zones; four video viewing zones, not to mention the incorporation of two computers; one data closet for hiding all of the gear; and one remote control. The workmanship was flawless, timely, and of dream home quality.

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