Lighting Control

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Control from inside or outside your home. Conveniently control and monitor your home's lights, shades, and temperature as you approach your home, from anywhere inside your home, or even while away. The system's two way-communication lets you know if lights are left on, shades are open, or what the temperature is even when you can't see the areas being controlled. 

Intelligent Lighting Controls
Lighting has changed exponentially since the days of Thomas Edison!  Lighting controls give you complete control over your environment.  Each light can be programmed to turn on and off at a designated time each day.  Groups of lights can be dimmed to your desired level with the press of a button.  One button press at night from your smartphone can turn every light in the house off except your pathway lighting.  No more climbing out of your cozy bed and wandering around the house to make sure you remembered to turn them all off!  Best of all, the switches meet all of the changing regulation in regards to LED lighting and are adaptive phase to work with any modern LED bulb.

Goodbye Light Switches. Hello Panelized Lighting.
We understand that design is equally as important as functionality and panelized lighting offers a significant advantage over traditional lighting solutions.  By implementing an intelligent lighting controller you gain the ability to completely eliminate light switches on your walls or condense multiples switches onto one elegant keypad.   The keypads can be engraved to suit any rooms needs and are attractively backlit.  There are many switch and plate combinations as well to compliment the design of any space.

Your business and home should be places that allow you to work effectively and relax thoroughly. With the right lighting and audio technologies, you can easily move from space to space in both home and business, using only the power you need. If you want to learn more about AcoustiCreations, call us today!

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