Technology has quickly become a key component within our criminal justice systems.  Transporting prisoners to and from local courthouses is not only a safety concern but also extremely costly to the taxpayers.  Video First Appearance systems are an extremely convenient way to tackle these obstacles but must be designed, implemented, and installed properly to increase efficiency.  High Definition Video Conferencing serves as the method of collaboration while intuitive controls and flawless audio-video delivery are necessary for a proper replacement to a physical court appearance.    

Meeting and Training Rooms
We understand the importance of team and departmental collaboration when working on  government projects.  Most of the time these meetings are held in conference rooms with dedicated audio-video systems that sadly have become a pain-point for many organizations due to poor audio-visual designs and installations.  Displaying your laptop on a screen for a presentation should not be comparable  in difficulty to climbing Mt. Everest.  We take pride in catering each solution to the specific function of a room and understand that anyone should be able to utilize the technology without frustration.

Your business and home should be places that allow you to work effectively and relax thoroughly. With the right lighting and audio technologies, you can easily move from space to space in both home and business, using only the power you need. If you want to learn more about AcoustiCreations, call us today at 910-390-1968!

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