Why Whole House audio?

Traditionally, a home’s audio system was located in its family room. This makes sense because audio has long been an important part of a family’s entertainment since the days before television when everyone crowded around the family radio to listen to weekly radio dramas.

These days, the family entity is a different animal. Families are busier than ever, and as a result, technology has adapted to meet the needs of that evolution. Today, whole house audio makes it possible for everyone in the family to enjoy your favorite music no matter where they are in the house, even outside!

Whole House Audio is Discreet

One of the biggest detractors from whole house audio in the past was that homeowners didn’t want large, bulky speakers cluttering up their rooms. But, with AcoustiCreations’ whole house audio systems, homeowners can enjoy premium audio that’s discreet and unimposing to the home’s design aesthetic.

Our in-ceiling speakers can be easily tucked away in any room, while our in-wall speakers can be used to provide outstanding directional audio for bombastic surround sound systems. We even have “invisible” speakers that can hide behind drywall yet still provide you with an audiophile-approved listening experience.

Whole House Audio Delivers Your Music, Regardless of the Format

This is an amazing time to be a music lover because there are just so many different ways to get your music fix. From CDs to MP3s to streaming services like Spotify and Pandora, and of course, the rebirth of vinyl records, you have a nearly endless number of ways to enjoy your favorite songs. And the great thing is, a whole house audio system from AcoustiCreations allows you to listen to your music, in any format you wish, in any room in your house. With this technology, your favorite song will follow you from the living room to the kitchen to the laundry room.

Your Home’s Audio, Outside

The Coastal Carolina region enjoys beautiful summers, so families here tend to spend a lot of their time outdoors. With AcoustiCreations’ whole house audio, you can include your deck or patio in your audio landscape. So, when your friends arrive for your backyard barbeque, you can set the soundtrack and let your system do the rest.

Control All of Your Home’s Music Right From Your Smartphone or Tablet

A whole house audio system is all about convenience and ease of access. And, you won’t ever have to worry about sorting through a dozen remotes again. All you need is your smartphone or tablet and our app and you’ll have instant access to all of your music. Just pick what you want to listen to and you’re set. You can even control the volume in any room in the house!

Call AcoustiCreations for State-of-the-Art Home Audio in Wilmington, NC

The days of the chunky two speaker stereo are long gone. Bring your home up to date with a premium whole house audio system from AcoustiCreations. You’ll not only be able to enjoy outstanding sound reproduction in any room, even outside, but your system will enhance your quality life and improve your home’s value.

If you want to experience the best in home audio, then call AcoustiCreations today at 910-390-1968. As one of the leading installers of home audio in Wilmington, NC, we provide high quality solutions backed by unbeatable customer service. 

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