What is Home Lighting Control?

Lighting is an important part of our everyday lives. As technology has evolved, lighting has evolved with it. Today you can do more than flip a switch to turn off and on lights in your home, you can use new technology to control everything in your home, from lights to locks, from anywhere in the world via a smartphone or a tablet.

What is Home Lighting Control?

A home control system is the brains to the electrical equipment in your home. WIth a home lighting control system, we are able to program a device to control lighting in every room, or zone, of your home. Often this can be done wirelessly or nearly wirelessly without the need to run additional wires within the walls of your home.

What can Home Lighting Control do?

A home lighting control system gives you the ability to control multiple rooms from one wireless keypad that we can program for you, whether you prefer a tactile keypad or a digital app on your phone or tablet. We are able to program a wireless control system that will allow you to turn off and on lights, music, or movies quickly and conveniently, in any room of your house, from any location.

How Home Lighting Control Simplifies Your Life

If you're familiar with walking all over your house at night to make sure the lights are off in every room, you'll love the convenience of a lighting control system. It will allow you to control any room from a central location. It even gives you the ability to have the lights of a room programmed to turn off when there is no one occupying it.

How Home Lighting Control Can Improve Your Home Security

With a whole home lighting control system, you can have your lights programmed to turn on even when you're away, to create the appearance of your home being occupied.

Being able to control the lighting in your home while you're away adds a layer of security and peace of mind to your life because you no longer worry that your home appears to be empty and a good target for break-ins.

Is there a solution for home lighting control near me?

If you're in Wilmington, NC, there is! At AcoustiCreations, we have more than 10 years of experience in designing home lighting control solutions that will work with your home and your lifestyle.

Home Lighting Control Near Me in Wilmington, NC

We pride ourselves on being able to provide quality home lighting control solutions for the Wilmington area, whether the home is large, small, new or old. To get started with us and have a custom solution designed for you, contact us here or by calling us at 910-390-1968 today. We look forward to working with you!

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