What is a smart Home?

The building industry is constantly evolving and improving upon itself. Every year, home builders employ innovative new building techniques and technologies in their ongoing effort to build better quality and more eco-friendly homes. But, few offer the wealth of benefits available in a “smart home.”
Despite the growing popularity of this advanced technology, a large portion of home buyers still don’t know what it means for a home to be considered “smart.” This guide will introduce you to smart home technology and what it means to have it in your home.
A Smart Home is All About Communication
In a smart home, many, if not all of the appliances and electronic devices communicate with each other. This includes the home’s lighting, locks, window coverings, appliances, heating, air conditioning, entertainment systems, security and camera systems, computers, irrigation systems, and more. And, every piece of equipment included on the home’s network can be instantly controlled using a control panel located in any room in the home or via a smartphone or tablet app or any Internet-connected computer or laptop from virtually anywhere.
A Smart Home is All About Conserving Energy
A smart home is all about energy-efficiency. It allows you to seamlessly manage your home’s energy use right from the palm of your hand. For instance, if you’re going to be late getting home, you can re-program the thermostat in your home to keep the AC off until a half hour before you get home. You can also monitor your home’s lighting so if your child leaves for school without turning off the lights, you can simply turn them off from your smartphone while at work. This level of control can be applied to every network-connected device in the home, including your washer, dryer, range top, coffee maker, and more.
A Smart Home is All About Security
With a smart home, you’re able to enjoy enhanced security measures such as remote controlled entry door locks and window locks, multi-camera monitoring that you can stream to your phone, tablet, or computer, exterior and interior lighting controls, and in-home monitors.
A Smart Home is All About Saving Money
Even though adding smart home technology to a new or existing home can be expensive, it is ultimately able to provide significant long-term savings over the life of the home. It does this through efficient and effective energy controls. The more you’re able to monitor and control your usage, the more you’re going to save. For many homeowners, the savings they accrue pays for their smart home technology within a few short years.
Call AcoustiCreations for Custom Smart Home Installations in Wilmington NC
Whether you’re a builder looking to include smart home technology in a new build or a homeowner who wants to add smart home components to an existing home, AcoustiCreations has the solutions you need to get the job done. We are professional smart home designers and installers and we have the expertise and equipment for bringing any home, new or existing, into the 21st century.
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