top 5 home automation myths

For all of its conveniences and features, home automation is something that a lot of homeowners want, but are hesitant to get because of certain things they might have heard.
At AcoustiCreations, we want you to be totally comfortable with your purchase, so we have compiled the top five myths regarding home automation in Wilmington NC and the truths behind them.
Myth #1: Smart Home Technology Leaves a Home Open to Hackers
Truth: Smart home technology, when it is installed in-line with proper security measures, is more than able to stave off just about every type of hacker out there. Keep in mind that because smart home components access the Internet, they can be breached by hackers, but only when the system is installed without any security measures included. This is why it is important to choose only a trusted installer of home automation in Wilmington NC.
Myth #2: Video Monitoring is Extremely Expensive
Truth: When you take into consideration what you stand to lose by not monitoring your home, the cost of this feature is small. It only costs about $1,000 for a homeowner to have remote video monitoring capabilities with off-site recording, so while it is an expense, you need to consider that home intruders will most likely make off with much more than that if your home is unmonitored.
#3: The Technology Just Isn’t There Yet
Truth: Most homeowners aren’t aware of what type of technology is available to them in the world of home automation. Today, home automation allows a homeowner the freedom and flexibility to control just about everything in the home from a remote location. This means they can lock the doors and windows, turn off the air conditioning, turn off the lights, and so much more, right from their smartphone or tablet. And, more innovations are being introduced every day.
#4: All a Thief Has to Do to Disable the System is Cut the Phone Line
Truth: If you use your smartphone as your means of communication, then a thief can cut your landline phone line and it will have no effect on your home automation system. The only time cutting the phone line will have an effect is if you’re using an older system that’s hard-wired to your home’s standard phone lines. If you’re unsure what type of system you currently have, just contact us to schedule a home automation analysis.
#5: I Can Save Money Using a DIY Home Automation Kit
Truth: There are some DIY home automation kits available on the market and many homeowners have the tech know-how to install them, but that doesn’t mean this is a good idea. For starters, you want the system to work as it is intended and you want it to have all of the necessary security measures in place. You also want a warranty and a resource for those times when something needs updated or replaced. A DIY kit offers none of that. Hiring a professional and reputable installer will ensure that your home works as intended.
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