The importance of good cabling in a home

An audio/video system or home or office network is only as good as its weakest link. That’s why AcoustiCreation focuses intently on quality through every phase of installation, all the way down to the wiring and cabling. When designing and building custom networks, good cabling is the backbone of every installation.
Organized Cabling Helps Protect Against Mishaps
With dozens or even hundreds of wires and cables, a new AV or network installation can quickly become disorganized if the installer isn’t careful. And, a disorganized installation will almost always result in mishaps, mistakes, and an inefficient end product.
At AcoustiCreations, we’re fussy about the tiniest details. We install clean and well-organized systems that deliver reliable, trouble-free performance day after day. Our systems work as expected because every cable is connected properly and every component is exactly where it is supposed to be.
Structured Cabling With No Weak Links
Weak links are easily identifiable when a network system isn’t designed or installed properly. That’s why we ensure that all of our installations have no weak links. Every phase of installation is performed with impeccable attention to detail. Every cable, connector, patch panel, rack, and wall plate is installed, tested, and certified before calling the project complete.
By taking these extra steps, we are able to create home theater systems that deliver crystal clear audio and video, blazing fast home and office networks, and home automation systems that respond instantly when called upon.
Structured Cabling Maximizes Your System’s Potential
Technology is constantly changing, so you can’t expect your network system to remain static for long. One of the hallmark benefits of structured cabling is that it provides the necessary framework that will allow your system to expand. Structured cabling simplifies moves, enhances system availability, and keeps system downtime and installation expenses to a minimum. If you want the best network or home audio in Wilmington NC, then it all begins with structured cabling.
Want Crystal Clear Home Audio in Wilmington NC? Call AcoustiCreations Today!
There’s nothing more satisfying than turning on your home audio system and enjoying the music you love. And, with structured cabling, you’ll be sure to experience even the most subtle nuances in your favorite songs.
Call AcoustiCreations today at 910-390-6154. We’re one of the leading designers and installers of home audio Wilmington NC and we can help ensure your family enjoys the highest quality entertainment possible. We provide exceptional AV solutions and services, all of which are fully backed by our unbeatable customer service.  

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