Preparing for Summer and Outdoor Entertainment

Summer is right around the corner and you know what that means – it’s time to start preparing for your summer backyard get-togethers! This year, why not turn up the volume and give your home the backyard entertainment treatment with an all-new outdoor audio-video system?
An outdoor AV system is just the thing you need to turn your fun get-togethers into memorable events. Imagine having a premium audio system pumping out the jams or a high definition television outside so you don’t miss the game. Believe it or not, a fantastic entertainment system is easy to incorporate into your backyard entertaining and AcoustiCreations, one of the leading installers of home audio in Wilmington NC, has the solutions you’re looking for.
Filling Your Outdoor Space with Music 
If you’re planning an outdoor party and you want to give it the perfect soundtrack, then you need some good speakers to pull it off. As cool and convenient as portable Bluetooth speakers can be, they don’t pack enough punch to provide your party with the sound quality you need. The reason is because sound waves can easily escape your backyard because it’s all open air back there. You need speakers that are strong enough to deliver music to the masses without your neighbors complaining to the cops.
At AcoustiCreations, we have a full line of outdoor-ready premium speakers that are strong enough to deliver the goods yet inconspicuous enough to co-exist naturally within your backyard landscape.
Watching the Big Game on a Big Screen – Outside!
In the old days, the only time you would watch TV outside was when dear old dad brought the trusty old black-and-white portable out so he could catch the ball game while barbequing. But, things have changed. Today, outdoor entertaining comes complete with high definition ultra-crisp televisions.
But, these aren’t your usual HD monitors. There are several innovative companies out there, like Sunbrite and Seura, just to name a few, producing top-end televisions specifically for outdoor use. They’re weather resistant and capable of standing up to Wilmington’s hot and humid climate. Sure, these TVs are more expensive than your average indoor sets, but they can be left outside year-round. And, the last thing you want to do is risk your indoor TV to a wandering sprinkle.
Setting the Mood With Lighting
While audio and video will surely be the star of your backyard entertainment, don’t think you can go without a well-planned lighting scheme. Lighting sets the mood and it turns any get-together into festive event. Even when you’re not throwing a party, an expertly-designed outdoor lighting plan will turn your yard or patio into a cozy retreat where you can escape from the stresses of the day.
When designing your layout, it’s important to pay close consideration to any walkways or paths so your guests can get around your yard with minimal risk of tripping or falling.
Keep the Kids Happy with Outdoor Wi-Fi
If you’re expecting your guests to bring their teens with them to your shindig, then providing them with Wi-Fi service will help keep them busy. The problem is – most home network routers are deep inside of the house, so outdoor connectivity can be spotty at best. This is why an outdoor Wi-Fi network antenna is such an important addition.
By adding a Wi-Fi antenna outside, you’ll be able to enjoy a solid connection to the Internet so you can seamlessly (and wirelessly) control your outdoor entertainment components and all of your teenage guests can stream and text until their hearts’ content.
Call AcoustiCreations Today for Outdoor Video and Home Audio in Wilmington NC
If you’re planning any upcoming summer parties, call AcoustiCreations today and let us provide you with a state-of-the-art outdoor home entertainment system that will be sure to blow your guests’ minds. We can custom-design a system just for you that will turn your home into party-central on your block.
Call AcoustiCreations at 910-390-1968 for premium video and audio installation in Wilmington NC. We have the experience you need to ensure your installation is done right and to guarantee that your home’s outdoor entertainment system works as expected. Give us a call today, all of our services are fully backed by our unbeatable customer service!

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