innovative features of smart lighting control

If you’re looking for that “one thing” that can make the most dramatic impact on the overall feel of a room, it’s lighting. Lighting, when designed and installed properly, can add elegance, warmth, and texture to a room, all while being inconspicuous. It can increase your home’s security with strategic exterior solutions. And, it can blend seamlessly in with your home’s design aesthetic through the use of sophisticated, sleek color configurations.
With today’s advanced smart lighting options like intelligent wireless lighting controls, panelized lighting, and Control4 solutions, you can add greater flexibility and convenience to your life.   
Take Control of Your Lighting with Intelligent Lighting Controls
Gone are the days of single-pole on/off light switches. Today’s lighting controls give you complete control over your home’s entire lighting network. Using sophisticated technology, today’s homeowners can lower and raise their shades, turn on outside pathways lights, dim the lights in the entertainment room, and much more, all from a single button on their smartphone.
With intelligent lighting controls, you’ll never have to get out of bed again when you realize that you left the kitchen light on. You can turn it off using the app on the phone or tablet on your nightstand.
Panelized Lighting Controls Offer Greater Convenience and Functionality
Replacing your old single-pole light switches with intelligent panelized controls does two things – they make your room designs sleeker and more modern and they allow you the convenience of condensing multiple switches in just one beautiful keypad. And, best of all, the switches and plates can be customized to compliment the color and design of any room.
Control4 Lighting Controls Equal Better Lighting and Greater Savings
Control4 is one of the leading home automation manufacturers in the world because the company is dedicated to producing highly-advanced lighting and home automation controls with energy-efficiency in mind. At AcoustiCreations, we specialize in installing Control4 Home automation and lighting systems in the Wilmington area. Control4 systems add comfort, beauty, and value to every home we serve.
Call AcoustiCreations for Intelligent Lighting Control in Wilmington NC
Lighting impacts every part of the home, inside and out. It doesn’t just make us feel warm and welcomed; it makes us feel safe and secure. And now, you can have total control over all of your home’s lighting using your favorite device.
If you’re building a new home or remodeling your current home and you want to equip it with the absolute latest in lighting technology, then call AcoustiCreations today at 910-390-6154. We’re one of the leading designers and installers of Control4 home lighting control in Wilmington NC. We provide exceptional home automation and lighting solutions and services, all of which are fully backed by our unbeatable customer service.  

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