Ideal Home 2014-Built by logan homes

Back in August our good friends over at Logan Homes invited us to work with them on a special project that they were chosen for by the popular website   Logan Homes was 1 of 2 builders selected to produce a 2014 Ideal Home at a $500,000 price point that will be featured in the Spring 2014 Parade of Homes, as well as their popular publication.  Now that work nears completion I can confirm that the home is absolutely stunning.  

As technology creeps more and more into our daily lives in the shape of smartphones, tablets and pc's our role has evolved from the team that mounts televisions, to the team that knows how to do just about anything that technology is capable of doing within the walls of your home.  It's quite the undertaking, but we love every second of it.

Our role is to make life easier, I truly believe that.  We do so by eliminating piles of confusing remote controls and replacing them with one simple to use remote.  Want to use your iPad to turn on your TV because it's easier to see than a small remote? Great! We can do that.  Would you like to be able to start music on the back porch from your phone and control the volume up and down without going inside.  We can do that too.  Would you like to keep all of the cable boxes, DVD players, stereo equipment, surge protectors,  and wire tucked away yet still maintain functionality without having to open a cabinet?  That's what we do!  So how did we decide to showcase these offerings for the 2014 Ideal Home?

For this particular home we selected an easy to use, customizable, and high performing audio-video solution from Control4.  In-Ceiling speakers were placed in the Kitchen, Great Room, Master Bedroom, as well as All-Weather speakers for the patio.  Music can be played in any zone independently, or you can play music throughout your entire home.  Best of all, the music and listening zones can all be accessed and controlled from any smartphone, tablet, and pc as well as a Control4 remote(pictured above).  For immediate access to the entire system a in-wall touch screen was installed in the main living space, the kitchen.   A thin 55" HDTV was professionally mounted above the fireplace and all of the equipment will be housed in the base cabinetry below, doors closed.  I always tell our clients, if you have to open the cabinet door to control your audio-video equipment then we haven't done our job properly.  

My favorite part about the Control4 system, our preferred residential audio-video solution that we installed in this home, is the ability to tailor each solution to the homeowner.  From the controller that was installed for this entry level system we have the ability to add smart features such as lighting control, access control, HVAC controls, energy management, security controls, etc.  In other words, the system can be tailored to YOUR lifestyle, not ours.  For many years audio-video companies spent their time telling you what you need.  We do things a bit differently, we design solutions based upon what you want!  Most importantly, our job isn't complete until we have taught you how to use every feature that is available to you.
At AcoustiCreations, we believe that this is our Ideal Home in 2014, and we thank Logan Homes and for providing us with the perfect venue to showcase our audio-video approach.

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