Home Entertainment Ideas

Avoid the wiring nightmares and configuration confusion with an audio-video installation by AcoustiCreations. Whether you're looking for a 4K experience or booming sounds, our team of installers and designers can mold your home into a theater that rivals the professionals in the industry today.

One Controller

Are you always looking for one or two remotes around the living room? Stop the search because a single remote can control everything, including:

  • Satellite TV
  • Streaming services
  • Blu-Ray playback
  • Audio options

You're not just limited to your audio-video experiences either. Enjoy a complete, household configuration with your lights and HVAC system integrated into the remote too. Never manually check the thermostat or switch the lights off again.

The Theater Experience 

Commercial theaters may be upgrading their spaces, but you can do the same thing. Create the ultimate theater by contacting our experts. Touch one button on your remote, and an entire room changes into a theater experience.

A brightly lit room turns into a dimly lit shrine to the silver screen. Kick off your shoes, sit back and watch a favorite movie come alive with crisp sounds and huge visuals.

Immersing Yourself 

Your home is a reprieve from the outside world, so create a soundtrack for your day. We can set up audio throughout the home, which allows you to stream almost any app into your speakers.

Arrive home to classical music or experience a jazzy vibe on the weekends. The mood that you select is yours to enjoy. Our installation is subtle and runs through the home for an immersive effect.

Consolidate the Hardware 

If the hardware aspect of an integrated experience is holding you back, we have a solution. We can create a "closet" for your hardware where everything is in one spot. You won't have electronic boxes divided out across your rooms. Every component simply accesses this makeshift mainframe.

Most devices are wireless, which makes the installation even easier for your favorite entertainment diversions. Watch a movie in any room without an unsightly array of wires and set-top boxes.

If you're ready to change the way you look at home entertainment, contact AcoustiCreations today at 910-390-1968. Our professionals can convert any property into a high-tech paradise. We'll give you a glimpse at the best way to integrate your electronics. It's your job to enjoy them afterwards. 

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