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In-home entertainment is quickly becoming the standard for how Americans enjoy their favorite media. This has been a steadily increasing trend ever since the “surround sound system in a box” was first introduced. And, with more recent additions like 4K HDTVs, Blu ray players, multi-room audio systems, and other high-end AV equipment, today’s in-home theater and home entertainment systems have evolved to offer a better experience than the local multiplex or concert hall.
But, even as the market continues to grow, one-fourth of new home buyers still suffer from buyer’s regret because they chose not to have a home theater system or multi-room audio system installed in their homes. The good thing is that for custom home builders, this makes for a substantial sales opportunity.
Multi-Room Audio Offers a Higher Profit Potential for Builders
In terms of luxury home builds, multi-room audio and video systems offer the highest profit potential among all installed systems in a new home. Because they are hard-wired into the home’s infrastructure, these systems automatically increase the value of the property and enhance the homeowner’s quality of life.
And, because these systems are considered “standard” in a modern luxury home, they are easy to sell to home buyers looking to maintain quality and opulence throughout their custom-built homes. This is why more than 70% of luxury home builders showcase innovative entertainment systems in their model homes.
Giving Home Buyers What They Truly Want – Integration  
As attractive as high-end audio video systems are to luxury home buyers, what these customers truly want is integration between their home’s technological attributes. They demand easy-to-use solutions that enable one-touch control over the entire home’s resources, such as its home theater system, whole house audio system, lighting, security systems, and programmable thermostats. And, they want to be able to control these and other things using their smartphones and tablets.    
Builders that can deliver this combination stand to enjoy significant growth in upcoming years.
Are You a Builder Looking to Partner with an Installer of Home Audio in Wilmington NC?
If you’re a builder of luxury homes, then by showcasing these advanced features in your model homes, you will be able to help your clients get the features they truly want while maximizing your profit potential. Partnering with a trusted installer of home audio in Wilmington NC is the key to delivering the results your customers want.
Call AcoustiCreations today at 910-390-6154. We’re one of the leading designers and installers of smart home technology in the Wilmington area. We provide exceptional home automation, lighting, and high-end audio and video solutions. We can help you meet your customer demands, and all of our services are fully backed by our unbeatable customer service.  

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