Hands-Free Home Automation – Imagine the Possibilities

Home automation is popular and practical because the hardware gives homeowners convenient opportunities and numerous possibilities. If you're looking for a way to upgrade various spaces like many people in Wilmington, AcoustiCreations has packages that are worth considering. As a home automation provider, we proudly serve locals in residential and commercial areas by offering hardware that suits different settings.

Home Theaters

Home theater automation is a practical choice for a house that needs easy-to-use cinema hardware. If you want to enjoy movies in a thrilling way by making strategic adjustments using dedicated gadgets, this automation option can help.

Smart Home Options

Smart home automation equipment has technology that manages a variety of things that are found throughout a home. By upgrade your home with this package, you'll have opportunities to control and adjust:

  • Appliances
  • Lights
  • Climate settings
  • Entertainment systems

Depending on the system that you select, you may have access to settings that manage outdoor solutions, such as security systems and sprinkler systems. Automation technology that interacts with outdoor equipment is beneficial because it simplifies the process of managing and protecting a property easier while running errands.

Automated Lighting

Automated lighting is a suitable option for a home that has a theater setup. This package includes hardware that operates the various lighting modes in a space. If a system is designed specifically for theater experiences, the dashboard panel will have dimming options and other modes that can enhance a movie.

Besides these packages, we also offer audio tools, outdoor entertainment solutions, and many other options for properties that lack modern automation hardware. If you want to upgrade your home or business with practical automation equipment, contact AcoustiCreations today.

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