Environmental And Energy Convervation

Intelligent Lighting For Your Home

If you've already switched from incandescent to LED lighting, you know the comfort of saving your electricity dollars and lowering your carbon footprint. If you're ready to reduce your energy usage even further, consider investing in smart home technology that enables you to control all of the lights in your home from your smartphone.

Rather than one switch per room, AcoustiCreations can help you by installing a single backlit keypad to help you light your home in zones. Are you up for a glass of water or to check on a child? Turn on the pathway lighting. Did you hear a noise on the patio? You can easily light up your entire backyard without having to approach your backdoor.

Customized Lighting and Audio for Your Business

If your conference room space needs to work both as a large gathering room and a breakout area for small groups, AcoustiCreations has options to create custom lighting and audio pairings that will make both of these options possible.

For example, a full group training session will require audio to cover the entire room and an overall lighting design with lowered lights near the display screen. However, for small breakout sessions, you may need more directed task lighting on single tables or a smaller area.

Your Goals are Our Goals

By creating custom audio and lighting packages with simple and easily accessible controls, you can customize any area of your home or business to suit your needs. With these controls, you can also quickly power down any unoccupied space, reducing your electrical usage overall.

Your business and home should be places that allow you to work effectively and relax thoroughly. With the right lighting and audio technologies, you can easily move from space to space in both home and business, using only the power you need. If you want to learn more about AcoustiCreations, call us today at 910-390-6144!

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