Conference Room Audio

Audio is often overlooked when designing conference rooms, but serious consideration is necessary to make sure your audio is clear and crisp. Making a good impression with a carefully designed AV set up that allows everyone to hear and communicate is key for successful conference calls, presentations, and more. Keep the following in mind when planning conference room audio.

Room Size

Small rooms usually require less equipment than larger rooms because everyone is closer together. Smaller speakers, display technology, and wired AV connections can usually handle the needs of a small space, but larger rooms require additional and more complex speaker systems. Strategically placed wall and ceiling mounted speakers allow all participants to hear what’s being said. Permanently fixed microphones can be added to a table in a large meeting room to guarantee proper pickup of participants seated at the table.

Room Function

Rooms used for conference calls can include various telephone technology such as analog and VoIP speakerphones with the option of additional microphones and speakers for larger rooms. A USB connection can be included as well that allows for calls to be made from a computer.

Large multipurpose rooms often used for presentations from a podium can benefit from a wired microphone. If the presenter needs to move around, then a wireless hand-held or lapel microphone is a better choice. Hand-held wireless microphones are also appropriate when audience participation is expected.

Voice Lift

Large rooms requiring audio reinforcement often benefit from a voice lift system if they are wider than they are long. Overhead ceiling speakers are used to gradually introduce the speaker’s microphone to provide greater reinforcement the farther you are from the speaker. This system set up in reverse allows for audience participation.

Sound Masking

Ambient noise can be distracting or make it difficult to understand what is being said. Specialized speaker systems can provide white noise that cancels out distracting ambient noise, and also makes it difficult for people outside the room to eavesdrop.

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AcoustiCreations has many tools available to create proper audio in conference rooms of all sizes. When you need to update the audio in your conference room, give us a call or contact us online to get started.

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