Benefits of Smart lighting systems

At AcoustiCreations, we know that a home is your refuge from the rest of the world, a place that needs to be as comfortable and healthy as possible. Fortunately, we understand the importance of using smart lighting to make your home as healthy as possible. 

What Is Smart Lighting?

Smart lighting is a lighting system that is computer controlled and can dynamically respond to the owner's desires, whether they are pre-programmed or by your direct command. Smart lighting systems can perform the following actions:

● Changing the lighting according to a preset schedule, such as dimming lights at night.
● Allowing the owner to turn the lights on or off from a phone, tablet or a wireless-enabled device. 
● Having several settings designed to best suit various activities. 
● Installing a smart lighting system can radically reduce your energy bill. 

How Can Smart Lighting Can Benefit Your Health

The fact of the matter is that artificial lighting has long been linked to a number of health issues, ranging from sleep disorders to eyestrain. Smart lighting, by adjusting the intensity and type of light over the course of the day, can help provide the health benefits that come from natural lighting.

Sleep and Smart Lighting

Artificial lighting, whether it comes from a bulb or monitor, can adversely impact your ability to get to sleep by interfering with your circadian rhythms. Smart lighting can eliminate this issue by gradually changing the lighting intensity and type as the day progresses. Instead of going directly from high levels of light to a dark bedroom, you can set your lighting to “ease you” into the evening and night, preparing your body to go to sleep.

Intelligent Lighting Control Wilmington NC Makes it Easier to Produce the Lighting You Want

Traditional lighting systems give you one type of light. Whether it’s a large family dinner or an intimate gathering, you are stuck with a binary choice. However, our lighting control Wilmington NC solutions can allow you to change the intensity and type of the lighting with the single press of a button. Not only does this make it easier to have appropriate lighting for special occasions, fitting the illumination to your current needs can be psychologically healthy. By doing so, you will find it easier to relax and prepare yourself to face the coming day or night. 

Ultimately, by installing smart lighting systems, you can benefit mentally, physically, and financially. Our Wilmington lighting control services can help ensure that you can obtain the kind of smart lighting that can most effectively suit your needs.

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