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Serving the coastal Carolina area since 2004, AcoustiCreations, which is an audio-video company located in Wilmington, NC, provides services covering the design and installation of audio-video equipment in residential and commercial buildings. Some of the neat features they can provide installation for include outdoor entertainment, home theaters, smart home features, automatic lighting, whole house audio, and more.

What Key Industries Does AcoustiCreations Cover?

AcoustiCreations covers the following areas of installation for the Residential sector:

  • Home Automation
  • Home Theater
  • Whole House Audio
  • Outdoor Entertainment
  • Lighting Control

In addition to the work they can do to your home, AcoustiCreations covers the needs of their commercial and government clients. When it comes to the clients AV needs, AcoustiCreations provides insights into the best ways to go. Here are some things for those in the commercial and government spheres to consider for their next audio or video installations.

Conference Rooms: For those interested in AV solutions for conference rooms, AcoustiCreations has all your HD Video Conferencing covered. HD Videoconferencing is a key to having a fully functioning conference room. Our knowledgeable staff can help to bridge the gaps between your long-distance clients and branch offices and even your patients who need reliable unified communications system.

Hospitality: Whether it’s a restaurant, pub, or wine bar, AcoustiCreations audio-video solutions can accommodate all your needs. We believe in non-packaged solutions that create a unique AV design that is tailored to your restaurant.

Structured Cabling: When it comes to structured cabling, it is the absolute backbone of every business dealing with AV installations and solutions. Businesses and organizations need to understand that small mishaps in cabling can cause much larger problems, like brig operations to a screeching halt.

Whatever the scenario entails for our residential, commercial. and governmental clients, our high-technical staff at AcoustiCreations can assist.

Contact AcoustiCreations today to learn more about how they can help you with all your installations of that important audio and video equipment. 

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