6 top notch smart kitchen appliances

Technology is not all about computers as many people generalize. It involves evolution in all sectors of life. Cooking is one key element that cannot be left out. It is made easier with the use of smart kitchen appliances. The smart home Wilmington NC ensures cooking devices are on production basing on the latest technology. Some of the astounding kitchen appliances they have in place include fridges that can easily connect to the internet.

Dash Wand

Dash Wand is an appliance that scans items in the kitchen. After scanning, it adds up the items in your shopping list. It also can convert measurements and read the recipes in your kitchen timetable. The device costs only 20 dollars.

Family Hub Refrigerator

With fridges being the center of our kitchens, family hub refrigerator is one unique type that suits the modern kitchens. It comes with a touch screen to display the kitchen calendar. Additionally, it allows you to play music and order more groceries when they are insufficient. Also, the fridge has cameras in it that take food images and allows you to connect and view the pictures from your phone.

Crock Pot: Smart Slow Cooker

It is an appliance that allows you to adjust the setting of cooking from your comfort zone. It allows you to check on cooking time and temperature. The main advantage is that you can switch off the appliance using your smart phone.

Precision Cooker

A precision cooker allows you to monitor and cook from a distance. It has WI-FI and Bluetooth in connection. For instance, after buying meat, you only need to put in the water, and the precision cooker will do the rest. It is one smart way of cooking that everyone is striving to embrace.

Smart Decanter

A smart decanter is an appliance that manufacturer's wine. Instead of getting through the whole procedure of aerating the wine through purified oxygen, using the stylish decanter eases your work. It has a digital screen that shows the wine name after the manufacture. The screen also displays aeration process of the wine and the vintage.

Smart Plate

The smart plate has Wi-Fi and Bluetooth in connection. It comes with three weight sensors and mini cameras. The cameras monitor the type and amount of food that you serve on the plate. It's a good appliance to consider in health and fitness.

Although we do not carry these cool products, we have other options for you to convert your home into a smart home Wilmington NC, such as lighting control and energy management.  Contact us today and we can see what we can do for your home.  

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