3 tips for distinctive home theater setups

Choosing a movie to watch is important, but how you want to watch it is arguably more important. Little flourishes – like dimmed lighting to a perfect level, or design elements which will make you feel as if you are in the Hollywood, can enhance your experience on movie watching.

If you have been striving to make your movie nights memorable, consider these 3 distinctive home theater setups.

The Seating Plan

When setting up the speakers, consider how your room is used. Are the seats facing the home theater or they are opposite to the TV? Where does the rest of the audience stand in that room? The system should provide surround sound where all the audience will get a similar experience when seated in any position of the room. No matter how sophisticated the system is, it cannot provide the desired results if not positioned properly.

Deliberate on the Source

The glitter and glitz experienced in high-profile theaters can be brought to your home. To capture the feeling experienced in these events, the following design features can be used in your home theater setup.

  • Curtains that open dramatically the moment the movie starts
  • Stadium like seating
  • Install accent lights that will be pointing the walls 
  • Projector setup 
  • Posters of movie stars on your walls
  • An existing red carpet.

The Gamer

Home theaters can be used for gaming purposes apart from watching movies. Gamers are categorical in their setups, and they have taken the game a notch higher from the possibilities made by home automation.

Below are ways of optimizing the gaming room.

  • Attach a game controlling dock station to every seat
  • Setup a multi-screen
  • Provide reclining backs, footrests, and armrests
  • The decor and lighting set to correspond with your popular games 

You can automate the system by programming the sounds and lights to turn on and off according to your preference. Moreover, online gaming is possible by connecting seamlessly with the internet.

Sports Fan

Avid fans of sports can immerse their passion through the home theater. Setting the system in the right manner will make you feel as if you are present at the game. By emulating a sport bar, installing multiple screens, sports memorabilia and bar stools, you can enjoy the games at the while seated in your home.

Contact AcoustiCreations for home theater setup to enjoy watching movies, sporting events, and video games at the comfort of your home. 

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